Doubt from polarisation

this question is from fitjee aits
given ans is D

This diagram seems quite unclear to me , these type of questions are easy but here , from what i am interpret the diagram to be , option D can’t be correct .

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according to me ,ans should be i/2 cos^2 theta but answer key and solution has D

Yeah , even i think the same .
Can you post the solution provided by fiitjee

And a link of video solution:

I am unable to figure out solution as they did not mention why to use sin instead of cos

@darshil_2020 option (d) will still be incorrect as at 45degree the intensity will be I/8 ..

If we assume polarised light to as depicted below , then we’ll get that expression.

But still, if the expression is (I sin²2Ѳ)/8 then graph B will be correct not graph D

yeah that's correct ans should be B. this question is completely mess!!according to solution is B AND in answer key ans is d

Leave about doubtnut , what was the answer and solution according to fiitjee ?

according to fitjee answer key , its D and based on their solution it's B.