Doubt from pinacol rearrangement

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Is the answer B?

plz confirm

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Bro my answer was also coming B but ans given is A
I dont know how @Samarth_2020

If a is answer then ethyl shift must also take place

If A is the answer then this must be the mechanism. But it violates many rules.

Aisa bhi kuch hota hai .ans sayad galat hoga I dont think this type of mechanism will take place .thanks

Haa kyunki step 2 mein already stable product ban Gaya hai to ethyl shift Ka koi matlab nahi hai

I think this is the mechanism.


Par bhai carbocation to jayada stable banega ethyl par yahi to pinnocle ka rds hota hai

Bhai ethyl par carbocation kaise stable banega wha par to 4 @H hi honge and methyl wale me 6


Acha aise hum to +I effect dekh rahe the islye hamko laga ethyl pe jayada stable hoga

Bhai for stability order is Resonance>hyperconjugation>inductive effect

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