Doubt from permutation and combination



Question not clear...six men and their wives that means
Six pair...p1 p2 p3 p4 p5 p6
P1 vs p2
P1 vs p3
P1 vs p4 Total 5
P1 vs p5
P1 vs p6

P2vs p3
P2 vsp4
P2 vs p5 total4
P2 vs p6

P3vs p4
P3 vsp5 total3
P3 vs p6

P4 vs p5
P4 vs p6 total2

P5 vs p6 total 1
So total game(league type, game not knock out game)=15

But if no restriction in formation of pair then results is different
6 men(m1, m2,m3, m4 ,m5 ,m6)
6 women(w1,w2,w3,w4,w5,w6)
Number of pair =6C1×6c1=36
Number of game 36C2...
Pls check ....
Still confusion in question


Is answer 45 @Aniket_2020_2

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Yeah I was also thinking the same @Tushar_2019
We have 6 people, so forming 3 groups of 2 people each, we get 15 possible ways of grouping the people. Now that multiplied by 3 since for every possible grouping, we will have 3 games to be played.

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Exactly @Mayank_2019_1 bro

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Yess ... thanks