Doubt from Periodic Properties

1st question explain option c
2nd question it's wrong, right??

Question 9
Well, down the group lower valency start to get more stable group 14 shows +2 and +4 generally but down the group due to inert pair effect +2 starts getting more stable thus PbO2 SnO2 would like to go to their lower oxidation states thus reducing themselves and in the process oxidising others thus oxidising property increases.
By the way is it’s answer option B

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Is option D not given as answer for question 10

Yes, it is. Please explain

N has highest first highest ionisation energy due to half filled sub shell 2p3

Are u explaining Q 10 there is no Nitrogen

Question 10 based on that radius increases down the group and since this is ionic radius in group two elements nuclear attraction overpower the electron shielding more than in group 1 as in group 2 elements they have lost 2 electrons to gain noble gas config.

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