Doubt from parabola

What does latus recta of locus of parabola means ?

I thinl the locus of focus of parabola is a conic and we have to find it's length of latus rectum.

seems right but we have no info to link it with a and b

The question is incomplete. I think it's a part of a paragraph type question.

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Yes, i feel so as well .

This is the complete question. And it is not a comprehension type ques.
It is from fiitjee's workbook

A locus is defined as the path traced by a moving point. This means that the point has to move differential lengths in order to be classified as a locus.

In the question, they have given 2 discrete points and are asking to find a locus, which doesn't make much sense. It's better to skip this question as it seems incorrect.