Doubt from P Block


Answer given is A.


In a M-OH molecule, when it behaves as an acid, it basically acts as an H+ ion source. Which means,it needs to break the O-H bond to make the H+ free.
On the other hand, when acting as a base, it breaks the M-O bond, so OH- can be furnished. Since Al(OH)3 is amphoteric, it does both these processes with equal ease.
Hence answer is A.

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Thanks but in Al(OH)3 it acts as a Lewis acid forming Al(oh4)- so there are no bonds broken between O-H so answer should be C imo

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Oh wait. You’re right. I just generalised it for all hydroxides. Totally forgot it’s a Lewis acid. Will look into this.

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How can we predict the nature of Al-O and O-H bonds that they will break at equal ease ?


It cannot be possible that bond energy of Al—O and O—H are same,it is amphoteric because it act as both bronsted base and Lewis acid .


I was also thinking that the correct answer will be C as it is bronsted base and Lewis acid.