Doubt from p block elements


Is formation of phosphine by white phosphorus giving sodium hypophosphite as another product is an example of disproportionation reaction and if it is then can anyone explain how to balance these type of reactions ?


It is disproportionation as P(0) disproportionates to P(-3) and P(+1)
Following method is used for balancing. It is really quick, lt is looking long as i have written it step by step


Disproportionation reactions are the reactions in which the same substance undergoes oxidation as well as reduction like in this case P(0) has gone into P(-3) and P(+1).
If you face problems in balancing so,lets just revise a lot of reactions so that you will learn at least some part of reactions and then the rest you will be able to balance. I am saying all this because it will much more time to balance a reaction by mathematics and you have to save time in these type of questions.
So,try to save your time. Otherwise the balancing will be simple as done above.
Hope you will understand.