Doubt from organic

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Anyone @Bhuvanitha_2020 @Prajwal_2020_1

This is what I think..

In step 5 to 6 can we break double bond like that ? And in step 6 to 7 by attacking OH minus on carbonyl a bond does not usually shifts as i have seen only then there good leaving group like OR attached to it

Can you pls repeat which steps you are talking about?

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Can this be correct

Option A is correct its a question of MS chouhan elementary chemistry i had done this question in aldehydes and ketones chapter

I asked my sir it is benzil benzilic rearrangement


Yes correct thanks i was also confused not able to recall the rexn thanks a lot @Ayush_2020_3

Ignore post #3 ,#5 ...this is not the correct mechanism.

Bro that's why i was thinking what are you doing , it was seeming very new to me

Thanks alot @Ayush_2020_3