Doubt from Order of stability

Give reason too

3 too..I am not aware of theory related to such compounds..

Is the answer for 3 is 1,3,2,4 in decreasing order

3,2,4,1in decreasing order???

Ans for 3 is 1 3 2 4 in decreasing order..
How did you compare between 1 and 3?? Any specific theory related to that?

I just thought there are more number of alkyl groups in 1 so more inductive effect than 3

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Is this the ans for post 1 ?

Nope..ans is 2 4 1 3 in decreasing order..
Nvm I already got the logic..

Can you explain logic , i have studied that more number of covalent bonds having are more stable
So 2 and 3 should come first then others

Our teacher gave us the following order to decide stability:
1 Compound must be Lewis valid
2 Electrically neutral are more stable
3.check for complete octet
4.charge separation should be less
5. Electronegative atom with negative charge is preferred more
This must be followed orderwise..

Then 3rd should be more stable than 2nd