Doubt from number theory


Find the number of positive integers that are divisors of at least one of 10^{10},15^7,18^{11}.
Try this
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Is it 435?

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So fast @Mayank_2019_1
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Okay I believe you can do it easily too.
See that we need to use the formula for set theory
How ?
A = no. of divisors of the first no.
B = no. of divisors of the 2nd no.
C = no. of divisors of the third no.
Now A intersection B will be the no. of divisors of the HCF of A and B
I guess you can solve from here.
If you need any more assistance then do tell

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Actually i had solved it , i posted it here so that others can try it.
BTW thanks @Mayank_2019_1 for solution

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