Doubt from nlm

Is it acot(theta) for question 8...if yes i shall upload answer

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Is the answer for 8 and 10 ..B?

Ans for 8 D and 10 C
@Churchil_2018 @Tanmay_1

Ok...let me think

For Q9 how do we decide whether surface will be smooth or rough @Tanmay_1 @Churchil_2018 @Shwetanshu_2018

Please see this too

Do you need explanation for all options???

No For A and B only.
Ans.CD @Samarth_2020 for above question

Options C and D are obvious.
In option A it is not specified that where the force is applied.
In option B normal force would be acting, which is the resultant of the muscular force and weight.

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Pls check...

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Sonu check the solution...surface is smooth...

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