Doubt from newtons laws of motion


@Shwetanshu_2018 bro , @Viram_2019 sir please see it...

Is the answer given in terms of φ , R and one more angle variable like Ѳ or Delta ?

only \alpha and \phi..
ans if \frac{cos\alpha}{sin^2{\phi}

I’m getting this

Can you share the answer given in the book

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correct sir... your approch..

This is very calculation intensive problem and an extremely tricky question to understand, i have skipped few simple calculations here , if you’ll face difficulty in any step then do let me know

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thanks for ur astonishing solution clear lots of concept bro.. bro how your concept to crystal clear sir??

For different sections of physics , there are different areas you need to work on .
If your concepts are clear enough then questions of mechanics can be made difficult only by introducing 3d visualisation, so just visualise the question well and components of al the vectors and you are done .
Mechanics is very much practise oriented , the more you practise the better you get a grip over the concepts :innocent: