Doubt from Metallurgy


How oxidation possible at first? It is in maximum oxidation state.
And yes how are we supposed to answer this in exam as this is a JEE Question! Jd lee reading?


I think they are talking about oxidation of impurities.
Besides Steel Making isn't in syllabus right?


Bro I don't know whether IIT sticks to syllabus or not? Is it :100:% no question asked out of syllabus?
BTW.. @Ayan_Agrawal why would they mention steel making in syllabus, rather they assume this to be obvious part of d-block I think!


Idk but I think they won't ask from it since it's not given in NCERT as well

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But don't you think it is obvious that we usually consider the main metal and not the impurities ? @Ayan_Agrawal

I had this in my notes
Even I would have marked C .
Pls confirm @Supreeta_Sen @Viraam_Rao

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hnn whi to @Mayank_Chowdhary


Yup I said maybe impurities because oxidation of haematite ore doesn't make sense.
Never studied steel making so I have no idea what's going on.


First C gets oxidised to CO2 and CO then Fe2O3 gets reduced to Fe
I think that is what they mean

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