Doubt from mechanics

Is ans ABD? @Sneha_2021

Iam not sure of D ..this is my approach..others pls clarify?

For no change in Orientation of one wrt other their relative perpendicular velocity has to be zero.(This is used to prove both have same velocity)

@Sneha_2021 @Shwetanshu_2018 @Viram_2019 sir @Samarth_2020


Can you say which year aits and exam name is this q from .....because I want to check soln of this q?

Ok I made a mistake in above ...while conserving energy on system gravity acts at com.
Here is right one ...sry for that mistake

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correct 2016 pt1 thankss

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@Bhuvanitha_2020 what if we do it wrt to ring
ans is coming wrong then max angle when finale velocity of point p=0..

Yes max angle comes when velocity of p wrt ring is zero...can you share what you did?

see i just given v_0 velocity to second particle
then conserved energy
inner kinetic energy of particle p= potential of that
because ring will be rest no pseudo will do wrk

ans is coming whem m=2 is taken will reduced mass will be taken

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But ring is accelerating right?(Component of tension acts)
So there will be pseudo force acting on particle at every instant wrt ring.This is what I think now .....I will think and if I get reason I will say you....
@Shwetanshu_2018 sir pls see this?

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and why in mgh u taken 2 mgh

Com mass is 2m(total mass)

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