Doubt from Maxima and minima

Both 'a' and 'b'

Follow general procedure....

2nd one ?
I know this method but I thought there is some short approach. Is there?

There are some tricks but are very ambiguous. It is safe to use the general method always.

@Shaaz_2021 pls clarify, the first one was also an odd degree polynomial but has max. And minimum value different than infinity and -infinity.

For calculating the max. and min. values of a function, we check the critical points and the endpoints of the interval of domain. In this case the domain is R.

I think in the first ques. also, the max. and min. values should be not defined.

@Shaaz_2021 usually in these type of questions we are asked local max. and min. values. Because it is quite evident that the graph of these functions tend to infinity in both cases, so asking a question on it would be pretty much baseless.

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In 2nd question, X=2,3 are points of inflection.

Maximum value is '0' and minimum is –5^(5)6^(6)/11^(11)

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I didn't get it
Why you don't double differentiate it or not follow the general procedure(like in first one) On double differentiate it and put the roots of first differential in second.