Doubt from Matrices

Please give detailed solution

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Q 10

is it option c-1?


apply cauchy Schwarz inequality
\delta= \sqrt{(a_1)^2+(b_1)^2+(c_1)^2}( )^{1/2}( )^{1/2} which will give you ans 1
where \delta=value of determinent..

Q 13 i am getting back option but the answer mentions a
@pratyaksh_2019 bhaiya i remember that once you have asked this question

Q 2

see pater in$m(1)=1$ and m(2)=4 element m(3)=9 element and so one by this we can get idea about element

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Anyone please try Q 13

is the answer B

I am getting the same but the answer mentions option A

transpose of S and then substitute what is given in question