Doubt from magnetism

q46 ,sorry for inverted image

I think there's a error.. it should be minimum value.

Can you please explain if it is error why, and if it is minimum then what to do?

Electron should not touch outer cylinder so its radius has max. limit hence B has min. value

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Is the ans D?.

Ans is given B

@Bhuvanitha_2020 , @Amritaansh_2020



@Bhuvanitha_2020 Can you please explain why the trajectory of electron will intersect the inner cyllinder.Cant it just touch and go. For which d option comes

That can not happen because the electron is projected perpendicular to the surface of inner cylinder and if you draw the diagram you will notice it is not possible.

You mean like this ?

It can’t happen this way the electron comes back and hit the inner cylinder in the same angle as it leave the inner cylinder initailly(as circle tragectory is symmetrical)

Can you show your soln for D option?

I got it. Thanks @Bhuvanitha_2020