Doubt from laws of motion


Question no 24 i think expression of N2 is wrong calculated ?




Question no 19 with solution

Answer is A


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Question no 36 i am confused which has been taken m1 and and then what is m2,M and m ?


m1- dm mass(small mass)
M- mass of block
m - mass of rope


In this diagram for acceleration for A is the equation wrong ? For B is correct i know i have a doubt about A


Can you please upload the full questions for more clarification.


Question 3


Yes the equation for acceleration of block A is wrong.
The correct equation is-
mgcos37 + masin37 -T = ma'


But then according to that i am getting a' independent of g and is only dependent of a which cannot happen i am getting a'=6/5a please do it for me


You get the acceleration wrt wedge. So u have to find the acceleration wrt ground


Can anyone tell me by what elimination does this expression of acceleration came by equation 3,4 and 5 ?


Better change you book of study...refer good book...


@Tanmay_1 Sir many students prefer cengage but even I face similar problems (The solutions given are not satisfactory)
They are not giving conceptual clarity!(My opinion)
Can you suggest me some good physics resources from where I could understand concepts in good level in physics.?


Resnik and haliday and university physics zemansky


You can download books from ...i shall post the address of site...for free download...