Doubt from kinematics


Question no 2 and 3


for the question 3:
we have u=10 , \theta = 45
The height of he two hurdles y1=2 and y2=2
Let the distance between the starting point and the first hurdle and second hurdle be x1 and x2 respectively.
we know from the equation of projectile
y=xtan ( \theta )[1 - x/R]
R = u^2 sin2(\theta)/g




But answer key says d is 4.5m and distance from point of projection is 2.75m and both are not matching with your solution


Answer for 3 question 1) 4.47 ~ 4.5
2) 2.75



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Answer for 2)


You did everything correct but one thing you didn't realise that root 5 is 2.23 not 2.73


Yeah in a hurry to submit before any one does.


Question no 12 and 13


For Q.13, we have been given the equation of the projectile.
We know the standard equation : y = xtan(\theta) [1 - \frac{x/R}]
So comparing the given with the above we get R which is the maximum displacement along the x axis for which y axis has zero displacement