Doubt from kinematics


Question 12 and 13 i am getting answer as 2m/s and 46.47m/s for 12 and 13 respectively but answer key says zero and 32.8 m i am correct or wrong ?


In Question 12 Net displacement is zero. So Average velocity is also zero. See the formula of average velocity you will realise it.


I think that in q13 data is not consistent as i'm getting two diffrent answers from two diffrent methods.



Question no 2,5and 10






Question no 3 and 6


Question 5,6 and 7



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Thank you very much


For QUES 3 my answer is coming this is it correct?


Your time is correct but final speed at hitting the wall isn't right. You have written - v = u.cos60 - 10×t BUT there is no acceleration in horizontal direction. The horizontal component remains same as of initial velocity while only vertical component changes because of gravitational acceleration.


Your speed of projection seems correct as answer is 22.1 m/s and your calculation corresponds to 22.06m/s but your velocity calculation seems incorrect as answer is 13.7m/s but your calculation corresponds to 22.7 m/s


Thanks sir i got it


Then what will be the expression for b part