Doubt from K2Cr2O7 +H2O2 gives

Answer is option C correct if you want reasoing then search in google i got full explanation did you also attempt jee main full test 3 of mypat because i had same question

Bro why? Tell the reaction please

Can you tell me from which chapter is this?

D block elements chapter

There is no such reaction in ncert

Some extra reactions need also be studied but it depends on students they want to study or not as ncert is enough how much students will study in d block and p block

Then from where you have studied this? This reaction is not in even JD LEE d block

I had also left this question i searched its answer after completing paper though this question is a previous year aiims paper

Its test of cr(+5) oxidation number a beutiful
Cro_5 compound get formed
Having butterfly structure,reaction is carried out in ether medium which make it more stable

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Can you tell me the source where this test and also these kinds of tests are given?

Told every aspects of reaction

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