Doubt from iupac nomenclature of bicyclo compounds

Question 1 can anyone tell how numbers are given like 1.1.0 butane

From bridge head position move in all 3 direction so that you reach the other bridge head carbon and the number of carbon you get along those paths is mentioned there ,
For move from up to down bridgehead carbon from left and right then you’ll encounter 1 C on each side so 1,1 and along the middle path there are 0 carbon so 1,1,0

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Ok i got it but not able to naming g and h compound help

Compound g should be [1,1,,1]
And h should be [2,1,1]

But how can you show in paper numbering g compound then i will able to name h compound

This is how numbering of carbon will be done , starting from a bridgehead carbon and them moving towards longest ring then second largest ring and so on

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Thank you

You have numbered wrong it should be 1.1.1 pentane

That’s what i said in post #4 that it will be [1,1,1] pentane , but numbering will be done as mentioned in post #6 ,

Ok thanks