Doubt from ionic equilibrium

Plz solve 17 and 19

Is it 17,19 or 18,19

17 and 19

y represents dissociation in second reaction.
Pls correct me if iam wrong

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beutiful solution but their r shortcuts to find ph mixture of weak acid type question.
means directly u can remember formula talking on the basis of exam point of view..

Thanks @Sneha_2021 for reminding me I actually forgot the formula.:sweat_smile:
Yes in exam point we should use formulas


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I wrote 100 sry in above pic

Yeah got it, formula was important btw. ..

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Plz solve 19 as well....

It involves some approximations after second dissociation which Iam not clear of .
But the concept remains same like H+ is contributed in all dissociations and write equations.
Will check and soon say you
@Shwetanshu_2018 pls check this .

again formula based question
then common ion effect concept..
based on concept of ph amphoteric acid..

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Can you share the derivations if you have because I don't know this formula?

will post it tommrow..

Here is the derivation....


Anyone plz explain why this condition is taken....

Ostwalds indicator theory

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Very nice explanation, thank you ..