Doubt from ionic equilibrium

I came through two reactions of ammonia ionisation.
2NH3=>NH2- + NH4+. And
NH3+ H2O=> NH4+ + OH-

I'm confused that which reaction should be used where.

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when hydrolysis occur rexn to if u r talking ionic then hydrolysis of weak base strong acid case..
1 one is redox rexn

The first reaction is self-ionization other one is hydrolysis. The first one is to be used only when the question tells to.

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The moles of H+ from H2O in a 1l, √5 ×10^-7M HCl solution at 25°C is

Ans: 3.85×10^-8

Plz solve this also.

6.79 common ion effect i m telling u ph of solution
now take this to 10 ki power anti log will give same ans..

pH of 0.1 M NH4OH (kB=1.8×10^-5) is???

NH4OH is weak base .
Do similar to weak acids

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let me give little approx
if u find k_a/c <10^{-2}
dont write first 2 step
directly write con of h^{+}=\sqrt{k_a×c}
shorcut for exams..

same in case of base..

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