Doubt from ionic equilibrium

What problem r u facing ????
Also you might not be taking 2 eq of acetate in one equivalent barium acetate

My option is not matching...the correct answer is B option
Here's what I did.

The process seems correct ..
Maybe options r wrong

In the solution...they took log of (acid/salt) istead of salt/acid I don't know you have any suggestion?

Is this N awasthi ??? ..
I also remember a ques from this book where they used wrong formula

9.26 is pkb (given in ques. ) and in formula there is pka (which must be 4.74). Why did you put 9.26 as pka? Aashish_2019

Ohh sorry my mistake
Yes pka should be used but the process is same

I don't know from which book is it...I found it on another platform

But by this process any option is not matching...maybe options are wrong