Doubt from integration

Multi correct


see as on putting value t^{1/n} the function turning the modulus function turning to zero means by ivt theoram we can say

now integrate it by breaking limits from 0 to t^{1/n} from and lower to 1 u will get to ans by manipulation.. @pushkar_2020..

Can you post the solution


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Try this one too @Sneha_2021 @Saumay_2019

let me try..

This one also

i thought by thinking power mean inequality not exactly but little more approx..


see put x=1/y then add both equation limit are conjugate of each other..hence u can solve it...

I did the same for the 2nd question but it yield exactly the same form as given in the question.

explain what is ur doubt... please share book approch too..

The approach in the book is also same, except that I didn't understand how the negative sign was generated in the power of a..I might just be missing something,..

if you will see the graph the function satisfies property of odd function... @Hari_Shankar sir how to prove algebric way it will be odd function...
please share book approch for 62 question


i m sorry please share 59 also...i thought that question no 62 i m sorry...

see watching limits also we can say f(x)=x which is satisfying condition hence f(x) is odd function...


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if you dont mind which book it is?