Doubt from induced emf


Yes please tell solution

Were you able to find that statement 1 was correct.If not then I will tell written.


Ok sending written solution.

Sorry I had got it correct wrong found my mistake I applied KVL in it not allowed as non comservative electric field will be formed.

Its okay , i did this as theta is changing but from here i am stuck please help

You can find velocity of point B by making velocity of ends B and C along rod BC equal in magnitude and direction.

Yes but then what should be done to find emf

By finding velocity of B you can find omega of rod AB and find EMF induced in It by formula which will come out to be BVL/2.
I stuck in statement 2

Yes i got it of AB , actually i was also thinking of BC ,when you said find velocity of B so why i asked so

Ignore this #12, you mean BWL^2/2 , but here velocity should be perpendicular to AB but the angle is 2Theta

Bro formula is (v×B).L, can you please elaborate

It is interchangable

Scalar triple product

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