Doubt from hydrocarbons

Question 17 and 18

17th is the answer 3 ?!

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For 18th also c

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Question no 23 and 24

23 ) i think it should be b

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In 1,1,2,2-tetrachloroethene, each carbon is sp2-hybridised, thus having bond angle 120° and in tetrachloromethane carbon is sp3 -hybridised, hence bond angle is 109.5°.

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Question no 28

  1. i think it should be e
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Question 3,4 and 6

For 3rd , I don’t think it’s possible because at room temperature single bond is free to rotate and hence will exist in all of it’s conformers instead of just one

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  1. it should be C
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Q4 )
During cracking of alkanes C-C bond breaks rather than C-H bonds because bond dissociation enthalpy of C-C bond is less than that of C-H bond

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Question no 16

Please help anyone

It should be C

Ok thank you

Question no 5 and 6

5- D and 6-A???

Q6| it should be A because Cl radical id formed in the intermediate step

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But answer key says B for question 5