Doubt from hybridisation


what is the hybridisation of Fe2O?


It's ionic compound
And there are two oxides fe2o3 or fe3o4

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sorry the compound is Fe2SeO my mistake


Bro can I have the printed question because I dont think this is correct.


Yes this is something I have never heard or seen. I request you to attach printed question.


If you think it is correct. I'm guessing it is sp3


8/2=4 i.e sp3 this way?

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I do hybridisation by a different way bro. A trick given by my teacher which works fascinatingly well for all mono-centred molecules.

No.of valence e- + no.of H * 7 + charge of anion (if exists) + charge on cation (if exists) /8


Aayush you are right


Bro sp3 is correct?

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yes how did u do

another one IO2F2 (-)


This is how I did it. Add valence electrons of all three atoms. Divide by 8. It is a trick and I suggest that you start using it. Beware that it does not work for molecules with two or more central atom

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Doubt In Chemical Bonding

i request you if you have any other trick of any topics which is not known but useful like this.pls post it.after knwing the trick i could do this.where did u get this trick by your fiitjee teacher or from any book


Teachers are always greater than any book. No book can match the satisfaction of being taught by a teacher. @Shreyash_Panchal1


Teacher xD


Another trick is for MO
Easy way to find bond order. This has been uploaded on youtube also. You can watch there. You will understand better.


@Viraam_Rao @Supreeta_Sen
please see B option given wrong


Remains sp3 right?


is BH3 and B2H6 both sp3


I think when B2H6 is dissolved in THF it forms [BH3(THF)] complex which is also sp3

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