Doubt from halides


It is C na ???
Yeh same reason




Hydrolysis can follow Sn1 and 2 both. So by which mechanism would it proceed here as from both C will be correct ? @arush_kumar_singh


IMO it will be SN2


Why not sn1 as carbocation is also stable?



Doubt from alkyl halide
Arrange compound in image in decreasing order of sn2

The answers are
25 - a,d
27- d


Lol 25 ka d diya hai aur C nahi diya hai..
Tertiary Carbo cation k sn 1 hona pakka hai
Check official answer keys

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@arush_kumar_singh btw IV bhi Sn2 jada fav hai kya ?


@Mayank_Chowdhary in fiitjee archive 25th -A B C D all 4 are given correct :thinking:

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Maybe the answer keys are misprint
Btw this book was Arihant 39 years
Will check the official
I too was thinking that C toh pakka correct hi Hoga ...:sweat_smile:


For A in my notes


Can you please explain 27 ?
Why B is incorrect for Q.27 ?
One more thing ... If solvent is given then do we go by solvent or this one - the one you posted in #41 ?


Bro i don't know but i m very confused always in stuff of choosing Sn1 or sn2 or e1 e2


In 27 stability of alkene directs the reaction.
Here major factor of C+ stability is resonance ..
So position doesn't matters much ..
So most stable alkene forms in d ..
So d is rt ans


B seems to be incorrect now imo

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Shouldn't the stability of the intermediate i.e. the Rate Determining step matter ?
Also even in b we get the resonance structure , right


Two factors govern reaction

  1. kinetic
  2. thermodynamic ..
    And here thermodynamics product is preferred ...
    Most stable product is 3 (check stability og alkene)
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Okay one last doubt bro -
How do we know which product to take ?

You meant 4th one right ?


q31 @arush_kumar_singh