Doubt from group 17


Acidic strength order in HClO3,HBrO3 and HIO3


Imo HCLO3>HBrO3>HIO3 ?




I have two reasons to support
1- Backbonding (empty d orbital) of Cl is better than others for stability if we remove H
2- Cl is more electronegative it will pull electrons of O thus reducing OH bond strength and easily it will remove

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Who needs back bonding?? All have complete octet


O- Jab banega toh Cl mai ja sakta hai na
We consider it always weather octatet is complete or not (1-2,resonance effect)

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HClO3 > HBrO3 > HIO3

Cl being most electronegative pulls the electron towards it and thus causing easy release of proton(H+) compared to both Br and I.
Br and I are larger in size and less electronegative than Cl, thus release of H+ is not as effective as HClO3.