Doubt from grignard reagent

Question no 1

Please help

What is the answer?

Option A but how

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@Samarth_2020 shouldn’t Et- attack on the carbon below epoxide linkage ? Because in lower C the electron density is lower

I didn't know this bhaiya, but if it were attack the lower carbon, do we get the desired product??

@Samarth_2020 we won’t get option A then , and that’s why i doubt that option A will be correct .
Also you have written that Et- will attack from the back side and then you have shown OH and Et on the same side ?! Is it that I’m missing out something ?

Sorry by mistake i told option A is answer answer is option C actually they are showing option C answers but mentioning option A as answer

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Actually in epoxy-grignard questions, we were not taught about stereochemistry involved in it. @Shwetanshu_2018 bhaiya, if you know then explain...

@abhijit_2020 can you please post the solution given in the book , because i think , option B should be correct

Oh sorry option B is correct i got confused by seeing partly shaded carbon Et Group and Darkly shaded Oh group

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In this k point i got confused how come ketone came in between

This is how , this reaction will proceed

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It has not mentioned in g point if i take RCOOR instead of HCOOR what type of alcohol will form

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Thank you

Question no 19 and 20 how to compare which is more reactive and least reactive

I think least reactive will be D and most reactive will be A ??