Doubt from gravitation

And 10 C

Yes you got these correct please show your working

For 10

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For 9

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Not clearly visible for P please show clearly for Q is understandable

For P you have to equate Gmr/R^3=g/2 now substitute Gm/R^2 by g you will get

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Ok got it

For Q at a distance r1 from centre g=Gm/r1^2 and this is equal to g/2

Question 1 and 4

I am confused in question 4 which formulas to use i used first Time period formula, Then which formula for angular speed ?

In 7th i am getting (GM/d)^(1/2) but answer key given is

In 7 ans is correct you have done mistake

Then upload your working


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Question no 7 and question 4 in post 29

Question 1 and 2

  1. yes those are called Geostationary satellites
  2. g=Rw'2

1st answer is No,2nd is 17times,1.412hrs

Question 6 both parts

I have done question 6 but problem in question 7 i am getting tension same as given in answer key but not getting acceleration same as given

Question no 10