Doubt from Gravitation


From a uniform solid sphere of radius R , a sphere of radius R/2 is removed and taken to infinity . The work required by external agent to achieve this is ? Take original mass as M . Tanmay Sir , Pratyaksh Sir


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Work done is change in Potential energy of system, final PE =0 and initially it was self energy of the uniform solid sphere that is
W = \frac{-3GM^2}{5R}

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How final PE=0?
Only the interaction energy between the two will be zero, but still the self energy of sphere with cavity and a sphere of radius R/2 exists.
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centre of mass of big sphere got changed due to carving out of
Sphere of radius R/2 so distance between two sphere shouldnot be R/2 it got changed.
So let me try to incorporate it in the problem and the lower limit of intregation should be changed. Ok let me try



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