Doubt from GOC

Anyone please help in 3 rd one

Ques 164 and 165 please tell mechanism too

I guess Ngp effect at beta position due to double bond

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Decarboxylation is carboanion

Same phenomenon will occur if there is a phenyl group at beta position. Similar question in Ms chauhan

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I think this
Acid base rxn takes place forming anion(coo-)
Then decarboxylation takes place giving co2(Dbe=2) and ccl3- which gets converted to carbene.
So intermediates (carbene) dbe =2

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@Bhuvanitha_2020 is right I thought about mechanism and did not see the question is asking about intermediate

Thanks @Bhuvanitha_2020 and @Ayush_2020_3

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But here I got a doubt carbene when left un -
reacted form double bond like here it forms tetra chloro ethene?


Then we get two products and tot dbe is 3?

Where is it written @Bhuvanitha_2020

In my notes in alpha alpha elimination
Maybe we can check the net !

Yes you are right , actually answer for column 2 is right but for column 3 it is given P i.e. zero dbe , but i feel answer can be wrong , because everything seems right
Or maybe here it sees like this that CO2 is gas so it leaves and CCl2: remain same but its not possible

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I am not able to find in net about this