Doubt from GOC


Its the wrong reason

Okay then, what's the right reason???

See diene structure.

2,3 pentadiene is a cumulated diene, not just diene. The directly bonded double bonds will be in different planes due to bond strain, for which no POS, COS etc. can be applied. Please extend your explanation....

The middle part will be linear. And it is chiral because the substituents are in differnent plane, alike to sp3 atoms. Since it has no sp3 C with diff subs., it has no Chiral atom, but as a whole the atom is out of plane, so chiral character is there. And the different plane thing is not due to bond strain, its due to orbital constaints.

Q38.ans d

The whole atom is out of plane with respect to what? It would be more precise if one part of the compound is out of the plane with respect to other and that is the explanation...

Which is the middle part here?