Doubt from goc

ques 4 and ques 6

4 c chelation is one of the very stable product
and see jee asvanced 2016 or 17 question


whats ur doubt in problem

Actually i need mechanism

Cannot we see here that a ring formation takes place of 5 atoms which is unstable

see it will be more stable then other product
5 th member not cosider to be too much unstable due to strain theory

i forget circle in last step

@Shaquib sir please give little more indepth of concept when to exactly think of ring formation nd its stablity nature


Thanks @Sneha_2021 can you please also tell ques 6

not getting any idea now will think tommrow..

It’s similar to coupling reaction but here amine is in the ring itself so forms cyclic and here N2+ acts as electrophile .(similar to diazo coupling mechanisim)

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sir when to think of ring formation is their any condition for formation of ring @Shaquib sir

See 5 member ring we can form but here if we leave it as it is then there will be repulsion between lone pair


@Shaquib sir @Shwetanshu_2018 sir @Bhuvanitha_2020 can anyone tell ques 6 please

I think it's a experimental based