Doubt from goc

Question 1 and 2

option b for 1st..

Yes correct but why can you explain

because it can donate lone pair easily
other compound - groups their lone pair have delocalised character..

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What about question 2

d option

Yes why ?

all have double bond character except d..

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Question 12,14 and 15


For 12th i am confused of amine compound and och3 subsituted group compound which is more stable

see electronegativity scale
less e.n will easily donate electrone +m effect more..

How +m mesomeric effect is only shown by aromatic compounds

where i wrote that +m shown by aromatic..

You wrote +m effect is there in amine part

yes +m shown by amine because of electrone donating tendency u r writing aromatic....

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@abhijit_2020, I understood what you were asking. Mesomeric effect is not shown just in aromatic compounds it is also shown in aliphatic compounds.

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Question 3 a part and question 14

3- more acidic because -m where in other -m is less because lp is in conjugation
14- d

Can you show how geomtrical isomerism is possible