Doubt from goc


Also please explain how ortho effect works?15736320098798688560930976766814 please explain

1573633172497928768324145800605 15736332062036459278221434546668 ques 1 and 8

For post #2
As we know that COOH is a bulky group therefore whenever a substituent is substituted at the ortho position then COOH leaves the plane of benzene so as to reduce repulsion.

Due to this it is no more in conjugation with the benzene ring . Due to this it’s acidic character increases

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Q8 ) i think answer should be D because H when leaves from COOH it will form resonating structure
And for NH3+ the + on left right nh3 is more stable and hence has lesser tendency to leave

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For q1 i think it should be D because -ve charge on more electronegative atom is stable

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Less the pka value more the acidic strength