Doubt from GOC



Convention top left to be 1
Top right to be 2 and so on

Answer given by our teacher is 3>2>1>4

1 2
3 4

But number of alpha hydrogen is decreasing from 1 to 4 .
I can’t find a reason for such random order as you mentioned . Let’s see what other mentors have to say !

correct sir your order is correct only baker nathan effect can give clear idea..
@Soumyadeep_2019 sir what was resion given by your teacher as ur mentioned order..



but sir stablity is decided by formation of first carbonation (without rearanged carbocation)i think @Shaquib sir..

Yeah off course stability is decided by first carboncation. I was justifying his teacher answer, although it doesn’t match.

He actually said that there both hypeconjigation and inductive effect so this order is the net effective of both.

Well i didnt accept it as what i know is hyperconjugation is much more staronger than inductive.


It’s true that there are both effects but i haven’t heard that in this case inductive surpasses hyperconjugation