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Pls explain


Hybridisation of Nitrogen in transition state is Sp2.
Due to tunneling of lone pair.


What is tunneling of lone pair?? Pls explain


In inversion of Nitrogen the lone pair of Nitrogen flip from one face to other face .
So in transition state we got only three bond attached to Nitrogen that’s why we called it Sp2 hybridisation.


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Qno.2 above. And



I think c would be the answer.
And answer of question 2 will be ether.


Why c for qno..10?


Because it is a four member ring and has c=o with Sp2 hybridisation
And we know in Sp2 hybridisation angle has 120 but
here it has only 90 degrees.
That’s why c
Am I correct or wrong.


Yess the ans is c. Got it


What about question 2


It's ether..


Qno.. 15


Q 15 - A option?


Option A because when you attack H on Nitrogen atom it will gain positive charge on them.
And that positive charge are in resonance with benzene ring.
I hope you got it.


Reaction with most basic nitrogen is present in option B. Can't we considered this as an acid base reaction?


The reaction is acid-base here but the point is
How we will stabilise cation. So we have to attack on that Nitrogen where we can get stabilise cation.
Although option B is possible with very little percentage.


Ok got it


Answer given is option B


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