Doubt from geomtrical isomerism

Question 1 why 5th compound will not form geometrical isomer

Please tell anyone

One of the 3 carbon atoms has 2 identical groups (i.e. 2 Cl atoms on the same carbon atom).
So it cannot show geometrical isomerism.

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For geometrical isomerism in a ring , the carbon of the ring must be have 2 different substituents attached to it and here same substituent i.e Cl is attached and hence there is no geometric isomerism

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For geometrical isomer cis-trans must be forming
But in 5 both the chloride are on Same carbon.
So it will not form cis-trans

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What is cis-trans,cis-cis,trans-trans isomerism in geometrical isomers

If suppose there are 2 diff double bonds in a molecule about which geometrical isomerism is possible the usually in questions it is given to identify then cis-cis is written to denote that about 1st double bond it is cis and about second double bond also it is cis and so on

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In question 2 b part out of ch2br and ch3 which is given more priority

CH2Br must be given more priority over CH3 because Br is heavier than H

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2b should be E isomer

Ya i got it after your post 9 ok if i am not mistaken in c part br will have more priority than oh

In c part the competition is not between OH and Br it is between C and Br because towards left 1st C comes and then Oh so 1st compete between C and Br so Br will be given more priority

read cahn in gold priority (CIPsystem) you will know every priority in e and z
for instance molar mass ,atomic number , triple bond most beutiful priority and one more is in cyclic system how priority given..
last is real structure and imaginary structure priority..

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