Doubt from General organic chemistry

please help me with this.
Answer is A

Also this one. Is this assumed in aqueous or gasceous medium if nothing is specified. Like answer is A so will we assume aqueous medium by defauly

The answer to the first question should be a only because the nitrogen is SP3 hybridised and its lone pair does not take part in aromaticity. The second one is is confusing maybe C will not be as basic because it can invert and and ethyl group attached to an amine might not invert

@Diya_2021 not getting why it will be protonated if N lp takes part in aromaticity. @Shwetanshu_2018 @Bhuvanitha_2020 Please help

You can also understand in this way that the N atom has localised lone pair, not in resonance. So protonation is readily possible.

Can you please explain how does basicity change on inversion of compound??

In most of the questions like this on basicity, it is usually taken aqueous medium.

What is the answer? Option 2 or 1?