Doubt from gaseous state

Question no 20 i applied Charles Law, then i calculated change in volume but answer is coming wrong

Isn't it C?

Yes how with charles law it is coming 6.6


Yeah i got it did some wrong

Question no 34 i think there is some mistake in question as if we convert pressure into atm from torr then no option matches they are divding 10 by 76 but it should be divided by 760 to convert into atm

Is ans b


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In question 6 i have applied units of R as 0.0821 and Mw as 32 to get value i am getting 1.45 m/s but answer is 461.29 i think the value of R i have put wrong i have to put another value what's your response

Please help

You have to Solve this

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I got it but doubt it question 2 i think answer should be 2.71 Angstrom but given in back is 1.84 Angstrom

Question 5 also how to decide this factor

Question no 7 also