Doubt from fluid mechanics

Question no 4

Is the ans a

Don't know answer key will be uploaded tomorrow just show your working. I got little confused in this question so couldn't do.

What kind of test do you give?

Mypat pree jee main. This was test 8 it was more difficult than 7, 6 was previous questions of 2020 jan of various shifts papers.

Don’t they provide the results after the exam immediately?

Ya they wait for all students to attempt the paper. To calculate average percentage of performance amd various ranking.

They will just give you marks after exam but answer key amd solution of theirs will be seen day after exam day.

I am getting \frac{1}{3√2}

I think answer will be c not a because it's asking ratio of mass flow rate not ratio of velocity

Plz post you work @Pranay_2020

You pointed out the question i was thinking about what's the difference between ratio of mass flow rate and ratio of velocity ? Please explain

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I was confused at v_2 part.
How did you calculate it
As v_2 only depends on height na.


Yes my mistake

Yes answer key i have seen option C is correct answer