Doubt from fluid mechanics

Question 8 i am stuck in c part and in e part i am getting 0.36 N as answer but answer key says 0.288N,please help last question of this chapter

Vessel experiences a force at hole, due to rate of change of momentum of water. This force is equal to (Mass flowing per second) × (change in velocity of this mass) /
Hence, this force is equal to (SVoπ) (Vo – 0) = S ρ . (Vo)^2 = 0.36 N (normal to the wall).
Its vertical component is balanced by floor reaction, while horizontal component (0.36 cos α) is to be balanced by applying a horizontally rightward force on vessel. ∴ Horizontal force required to keep the vessel stationary is 0.36 cos α = 0.288 N

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