Doubt from ethers

Tell reason of 16th and 26th question

16- rate of hydrolysis of depends upon the stability of carbocation formation.
In case of (a) carbocation formed at sp^2 hybridised carbon (phenyl) which is unstable.
And in (c) option carbocation at bridge head carbon ( violets breat`s rule)

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Is the and of 26 is b

Ok thanks

Question no 4


Question no 1

becouse net dipole moment is non zero due to bent bond of c-o

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Question no 5 also

is the correct ans of q 5 is C

No option D is answer

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Question no 1

Please help anyone

Please help @Achyut_2020 , @Sneha_2021

I am getting this .is this correct?

First (a)is answer of first part and second(b)is answer of second part

Yes what type of reaction is this

Its comes in the properties ,of reaction with ethers

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Question no 7