Doubt from ethers

Question no 7

Is the answer d?


Question no 9

Please upload solution too


Ok what about 9th question

Is the and a

Ans a

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Shouldn't it be 3 moles 1 for first 2 for second

Answer is given option B

Yes because in option a due to partial double bond C_o bond cannot be broken.
This is not in b option where it can be broken
ROr+Hi=ri+ Roh or Ri+roh though only one is formed as major but both can be fomed.
In option A only possible case is Ch3I.=1
In b ch3I as well as cyclohexaneI=2

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Question no 16 and 17

In question no 20 answer key says option B but solution book shows answer of option D

Question no 26 also

Correct answer of 16 is C

Yes why tell

Correct option of q 20 is d

Ok thank you