Doubt from ethers


Can anyone tell me the exact mechanism followed when an ether reacts with HI and one of the attached groups is 2 degree alkyl group???I think different mechanisms are followed if HI is conc or Anhydrous..But there is a lot of confusion if somebody knows exact details please share


As per my knowledge when conc.HI is used SN1 mech is followed .
While when anhydrous HI is used SN2 mechanism is followed.

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Reaction of concern HI and anhydrous HI( in excess 0f HI) both follow SN2 mechanism because of the polarity of HI and strong nucleophile I(-)

It also follow SN1 mechanism when there is 3 degree carboncation or Resonance stabilised carbon cation.

In anhydrous HI product will mixture of iodide.