Doubt from Entropy Calculation in Thermodynamics


And sorry guys I don't have the answer as this is from embibe and it doesn't provide the answers


No right.
Take two points on an isotherm.
Or another path could consist of a reversible isobaric process and isochoric process.
Isnt the second example above also reversible path?


No @Arush_Sharma is correct only 1 path exists but we can break it into whichever way we want


You seem to sound right but that's what I learnt. (imo we can't choose the type of reversible process?)
and i don't know if the second one is reversible or not, but in that case the answer should be 3.2R no? which is not an option?


Those new broken paths are also reversible right. @Aarushi_Srivastava


Yeah here in formula we break into small carnot cycles

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